Sunday, November 30, 2008

Love this Video! Love the song!

Note:- Saya yg memakai baju belang (giler berangan sial aku)

One day one woman asked him
what do you to survive?
he said oh my dear listen here
and this is what he cried

On my feet I wear two shoes for dancing
dancing to be free
my feet they re paying tribute to
the Bobby Marley legacy

My knees theyve got some cuts and bruises
from skating all my days
when im skating with my friends
my troubles drift away

I say my legs theyre wearing baggy pants
I like to move around
cos getting down and jumping up
these are some good things that I found

boom shak the empire be rising
boom shak we making some lovin
boom shak the greedy men running
boom shak got two shoes for dancin

My waist its got a slinky belt
with a clip thats quick to open
because loving is the sweetest thing
and from my waist it happen

And my stomachs got some tasty food
thats making me feel good
cos sharing some meals is something
i wish the world could do

And my chest it wears a singlet
ah my chest it beating proud
my chest suggest I am a man
that no institution can knock down
And around my neck is superstition
hanging from a chain
because ive got my gods but in the end
I make my own way


My mouth its got a great big smile
that shows some great big teeth
to friends it brings a happiness
and to enemies it means defeat

And my eyes theyve got some vision
that can see through many lies
ah my eyes they look for better things
the better things to see in life

And my ears are wearing head phones
that do play my favourite songs
not music im told to like
but the songs that make me dance along

Cos on my feet are shoes for dancing
dancing to be free
my feet they re paying tribute to
the bobby marley legacy

The Cat Empire (Two shoes)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Aku tengah cari duit basikal

Babi! lama giler aku kumpul, penat and bosan.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

E.P Robot Asmara

Alhamdulilah, berkat sokongan kawan kawan dan keluarga, e.p robot tidak lama lg akan keluar dipasaran untuk tatapan pendengar malaya.

Mixing dan proses finalize sudah pun siap, tinggal print cover dan cd sajer...xsabar aku nak dengar hasil idea xsenonoh bebudak nie.

Alhamdulilah, hasil duit show yg xseberapa aku dan rakan2 kumpulkan untuk pembayaran duit rakaman ini, alhamdulilah semuanya dah dibayar.Giler xsabar nak dengar idea idea xsenonoh bebudak nie. Aku pun kira x senonoh gak...hahahahhahaha.

Thanks Nas dan Azmal (my lovely brother) datang support tgk robot peform hari tu kat VR1 Cafe, walaupun band aku nie xseberapa hebatnya nk dibandingkan dgn band2 lain, tapi mereka datang jugak tgk...thanks bro....sayang ko berdua.

Ingat Nas, Lacondeguy bakal gegar bukit bukit kat mana mana area masai dan seangkatannya.

Berdoa agar org bnyak beli cd robot, boleh aku beli beskal banshee baru, xpun aku cetak rompakkan...kekekekkekeke...kaya sikit.

Pada juad and Danial (bmx poyo longkang) kkakakakkakka

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sial! Aku suka basikal nie!

Specialized P.3 09
Banshee Wildcard 08/09

Sial, aku suka basikal nie, mcm nak beli jer.

Sekali jer talipon tanya harga dekat 5k++ campur dhx 5.0..kalau complete sure aku tak kahwin .
Agak mati lah harga dia. Tapi aku minat, and pasti ober jealous bila aku pakai nie termasuklah org2 yg akan jealous seperti ipin garcia,nas peat,dan ontot hill.

Babi, ada jer masalah kewangan aku nie.

Ni semua Ober nyer hal.

Jawabnya is commencal absolute jer lah yg semakin masuk dalam percatuan kewangan aku.
Banshee banshee!

Giler aku xada idea nak buat blog!BOSAN

Ni Ober nyer hal lah ni!

Sampai idea aku terjurus kepada menghina dia jer.

Interview Ober Gemuk dalam majalah URTV

They’re Malaysian and they’re crazy, but the Ober Gemuk might be the best all-round riders in the Felda area right now. Few know that the Ober Gemuk used to race DH. Ober Gemuk missed winning the Felda Taib Andak National DH Championships in the junior class because he hucked a stomach backflip in the middle of his run. Now, they’re best known for insane aerial antics. Ober Gemuk mean flip variations (he recently stuck a backflip over a stomach).


What kind of car do you drive:
My mom car (Naza Citra).

If you could have any car what would it be:
New Proton Saga. 

What first got you into riding:
Urtv, Mangga 

Favorite kind of riding:
Technical Dj trails riding. 

What are your favorite trails to ride:
Mount Kiara

Favorite video game:
Guitar Hero. 

Favorite place to eat:
Ah Seng Coffee House 

Favorite magazine:

Favorite color:

Least favorite color:

Favorite place that you've traveled to, and why:
Puchong Jaya

One place you would like to travel to, and why:
My House backyard

One thing some people might not know about you:
Scared of the water. 

Do you have any other hobbies besides riding bikes:

What kind of music do you like:
Dangdut, Irama Malaysia 

Who are some of your favorite groups:

What kind of movies do you like:
Bella,Nyiang garik,puteri

What is your biggest accomplishment from riding bikes:
Doing what I want for a job. 

Any pet peeves or things that make you want to punch something:
A BMX contest on mountain bikes

What's the first thing that pops into your mind when you wake up:

Last thing you think of when you go to bed:
I don’t know, just thinking go to sleep. 

Describe a typical day when your not on the road and hangin at home:
Wake up late like 12 or 1, after that eat something, call Edgar and go to his back yard, after go get some food, meet some friends and hang out. 

Do you have any brothers or sisters:

Do you have any pets:
I have 2 Cat

Do you play any musical instruments:
No but I am good a Karaoke.

Do you work out:
Say yes man, for the girls. Like 4-5 hours a day. 

Worst wreck and what happened:
I never have a bad crash, because when you crash you learn, so its not bad.

Ever caused a car wreck:
I was in a small crash but it was me my friend was driving.

First job:
Cutting grass 

Worst job you've ever had:
I think that one, because I worked a lot and didn’t get a lot of money.

If you won the lottery what are the first few things you'd buy or where would you go to spend it:
The first thing, get a huge house with a huge back yard and build every thing FMX, BMX track, dirt jumps, and party with hot girls every night.

Last person you went to dinner with:
Erra Fazira 

What's your best/favorite pick up line:
In my car or your car? Girls love it 

Any advice to up and comers:
Just ride for fun.

Best advice someone gave you:
Do what you want and try hard.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Antara basikal yg menggilakan aku!

Aku kira macam dalam dilema sekarang nie. Nak beli beskal baru, duit mcm cukup cukup makan jer. Duit nak beli beskal tu ada dah now, cuma kenkadang tu, di telan mati mak, dikunyah mati bapak. Kenapa lah aku xkena lotery ker, aper aper jer lah yg mendatangkan duit untuk basikal.

Tapi aku kira okaylah sebab bersabar sikit. Tak mcm Ober gemuk tuh, hehari nak kutuk aku, hina aku, mentang dia ada basikal dabomd taiwan dia tu, hehari pun eksyen jer kat aku. Kira tahap kena pijak dah aku dgn si Ober gemuk tuh. Aku tau dia terel, laju, tapi dia tak tau perut buncit dia boleh memusnahkan kelajuan dia tuh....

Tunngulah Ober.
Bila Basikal smpai kat umah, aku back flip jer depan mata kau, even tak ada bukit kat situ..


Sayang Ober(gemuk)

Jiwa Ku Kacau

Kacau ke jiwa aku nie!